Alchemical Healing VIP Day


for Conscious Leadership &

Intuitive Healing

Transmute the poisons and stagnations to

SEE with clarity

FEEL with a Truth and a Resonant Heart

TRUST in your Self


Learn the art of Self-Acupuncture to empower yourself to Be Your Own Healer.


I am so glad you are here and that you answered your intuition to do this work.


We'll be together through this journey as we navigate the 5 Phases:

Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal

and their archetypal manifestations using Taoist medicine, Ascension into 5D reality, and the Teishin.

I am thrilled to work with you.

This has been a personal and effective practice for me,

my in-clinic patients, and now, Zoom clients, and I’d like to offer it to you.

This is beyond personal coaching or a private wellness session.

It’s a hybrid of the two, unfolding into a greater, more clear, and coherent reality for you.

You'll receive:

An Initial Consult (a 45 min session before we meet for your 1/2 Day VIP Session)

Your Facial Symmetry Assessment

A One Day VIP Alchemical Healing Session

Your very own Stone-set Teishin

I'll intuitively choose your Teishin and it will be mailed to you.

Free Shipping for US orders, otherwise, I send you the small, flat rate international box.

This process is for those who are fully aware of their own nature which is as an aspect of the whole,

a reflection of the universe, and a Divine, Sacred, Creator Initiatrix.

This is not for those seeking ‘healing/seeking/grasping/fixing’

or who believe they are BROKEN.

You are not Broken.

And I am not here to "fix" you.

You must be willing to dissolve and be possessed and shape-shift

and listen to your heart-mind even if this invites temporary discomfort.

🔥You gotta commit.

🔮You gotta trust.

🦕And you gotta be playful and open.

Is this you? ✨💖✨

Are you Ready?

I am excited to go on this journey with you!

Intake + Facial Symmetry Assessment & Tongue Reading

In-depth Intake


Full intake to address your chronic issues & emotional struggles

Your Facial Symmetry Assessment & Tongue Reading

Your introductory practice of Self-Acupuncture

Guided Session to begin awakening your confidence & clarity

Initial Consultation

Your Doorway to Receive the world's most ancient and effective medicine.

This 45 min session is currently INCLUDED!

We'll start off with a photo of your face and tongue, then I'll choose a gemstone for you, handcraft a Teishin and then ship your Teishin.

After we complete this initial consult, I'll make and ship you your teishin and we'll then schedule your One Day VIP Session!

Of course, you'll also receive your very own heirloom Teishin:

the first Acupuncture Needle, set with a gemstone of intention.

Sacred Self-Acupuncture Sessions

Private Day VIP Session


or 3 payments of $370

Deep Dive in your Self-Empowerment journey

Facial Acupuncture according to the 5 Phases/Elements

Whole-Being, Self-Acupuncture Protocols

Intuitive Re-Patterning practices


Transformative Sessions with Dr. Lacey Dupré

Here we will ignite the Empowered Healer within.

We'll meet for one day, devotion to your continuous lovin care.

No prerequisites required except that you come with an Open Heart & agree that Black Lives Matter.

Dr. Lacey Dupré

Doctor of Chinese Medicine,

Self-Acupuncture Expert and guide to 'Radical Receptivity' TM.

Client talk...

I have spent years pursuing western as well as holistic alternatives to address my health issues. I was waking up every night around 3am full of anxiety. During the day I felt insanely tired and my hair was thinning and dry. I could tell all the stress, lack of focus and overwhelm was not only stagnating my day to day business, but my health. I started with Lacey and through her sessions I began to feel like myself. I got clear on my goals and felt aligned with my new business. I sleep better and actually feel rested and ready to start the day in the mornings!


Client talk...

For years I dealt with chronic indigestion and bloating plus I was constantly tired and felt like I never got enough sleep. After I began to work with Lacey, I felt the changes not just in my belly and my energy levels, but also my mood. I didn't realize how drastic my mood swings were until my husband commented that I wasn't such an 'Angry Elf' anymore! -Rachel

Client Talk...

I was stuuuck. I was trying to build this program and I just never actually launched...I kept doing all the busy work and decided I had impostor syndrome and low self-worth and was directionless. I felt like I was drifting through my own life. I'd been diagnosed with ADHD and I had brain fog as well as chronic anxiety. Well, during my sessions with Lacey the literal fog lifted. With her guidance I gained confidence and clarity as she told me I would! And my launch was super. I cannot recommend her enough.


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